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Who We Are

We are one of the leading fire and safety installation and maintenance company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have different department to do the various types of jobs like Fire and Safety Installation, Fire Alarms, Fire Cylinders & Pumps, Security Systems & CCTV, Welding Works and Manpower supply.

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Our Services

Air-Conditioning Works

We are installing of different types of air-conditioning system commercial and residential with 24/7 on call for service and maintenance.

Fire Alarms

Regular servicing and maintenance of your fire detection and alarm systems not only keeps you and your occupants safe it also can reduce the amount of false alarms which may occur in the system.

Fire Cylinders & Pumps

One of the most horrible possibilities is a fire breaking out. The first line of defense against potentially devastating flames is proper fire extinguisher installations in every part of the building.

Security Systems & CCTV

Our CCTV installation services stretch from supplying your with the CCTV system of your choice that fits both your need and budget through to installation and training on how to use your CCTV system to its full.

Welding Works

We are doing all types of welding works including arc welding, tig welding and mig welding for all indoor and outdoor industrial purposes across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Manpower Supply

In compliance with the specific requirements of clients, we provide man power for various industries and sectors. These people are skilled and well trained in their work, highly demanded in a number of places.

Our Projects

Our Team


Mr. Niyas Khan



Mr. Swapan Sheikh

General Manager


Mr. Khokon Sheikh

Works Manager

Person Kawsar Sikder - Supervisor
Person Md Jossim - Supervisor
Person Delower - Supervisor
Person Sheikh Ujjal - Supervisor
Person Rohim Moksed - Plumber
Person Imran Abul - Pipe Fitter
Person Omar Faruk - Pipe Fitter
Person Rofiqul Islam - Pipe Fitter
Person Md Alamin - Pipe Fitter
Person Mohi Uddin - Pipe Fitter
Person Khokon - Pipe Fitter
Person Md Hasan - Pipe Fitter
Person Md Juwel - Pipe Fitter
Person Israfil - Pipe Fitter
Person Ruhul Amin - Pipe Fitter
Person Jalal Uddin - Pipe Fitter
Person Sayed Nur - Gypsum Carpenter
Person Saidul Khan - Helper
Person Arjun - Helper
Person Motalab - Helper
Person Amir Hossain - Helper
Person Aman Ali - Helper
Person Tota Mia - Helper
Person Sahinur - Helper
Person Monir Hossain - Helper

Our Clients

Person MAGIC PLANET (Fire Fighting Work)
Person MONDELEZ (Fire Fighting Work)
Person JUPITER BISCUIT FACTORY (Fire Fighting Work)
Person SHEIKH MOHAMMED CAR PARK (Fire Fighting Work)
Person SALMANIYA CAR PARK (Fire Fighting Work)
Person ARLA MILK FACTORY (Fire Fighting Work)
Person AL-GHANA PIPE FACTORY (Fire Fighting Work)
Person AWAL PLASTIC (Fire Fighting Work)
Person BDC KITCHEN (Fire Fighting Work)
Person ALUMINIUM FACTORY RO-1 (Fire Fighting Work)
Person DARWISH CERAMIC FACTORY (Fire Fighting Work)
Person CITY CENTER (BBK) (Fire Fighting Work)
Person CITY CENTER (2000) SHOP (Fire Fighting Work)
Person CITY CENTER ANGELINA (Fire Fighting Work)
Person AVENUES MALL LUMEE KITCHEN (Fire Fighting Work)
Person AVENUES MALL YUM YUM (Fire Fighting Work)
Person AVENUES MALL McDonald (Fire Fighting Work)
Person AL-SAHEL HOTEL AND RESORT (Fire Fighting Work)


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Road 364, Block 203
Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain

Phone +973 17769091

Mobile +973 66685991